Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Strange Music 09 Sampler: We Got This

Strange Music 09 Sampler: We Got This (2009)

1. Intro (Tech N9ne Collabos: Sickology 101)
2. Let Me In (Full song)
3. Nothin' (snip)
4. Red Nose (snip)
5. Intro II (Krizz Kaliko: Genius)
6. Backpack (Full song)
7. Get Off (snip)
8. Misunderstood (snip)
9. Intro III (Big Scoob: Monsterifik)
10. D-Boy (Full song)
11. Diary of a Dinosaur (snip)
12. Monsterifik (snip)
13. Intro IV (Prozak: The Hitchcock of Hip-Hop)
14. The World Is A Slave (Full song)
15. Veritgo (snip)
16. American Princess (snip)
17. Intro V (Tech N9ne: KOD)
19. Like I Died (Full song)
19. In The Trunk (snip)
20. Blackened The Sun (snip)


NOTE: Some of the full tracks are linked straight to zShare if you only want those MP3's instead of downloading everything with the snippets.


Anonymous said...

i hate to say this cause you been on my rss feed for LONG time but PLEASE CHANGE UPLOADS HOSTS mega upload SUCKS ASS you cant read the code to DL this SUCKS iv been trying to dl the new tech n9ne sample for half hour and got nowhere :(

Anonymous said...

sorry to double post but FINALLLLYYYY got it right after mass guessing. ty very much for the sampler. im going to the kmk show in 2 days and my buddys sister gives out the sample cds if i get one ill pass it to you for upload. again sorry to double post but PLEASE change your upload host

Anonymous said...

I agree with the dude below me im havin the same problem i could download it at school but not home..

Anonymous said...
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