Monday, March 9, 2009

Da Stash Box presents Tha Bass Test Vol. 1

Da Stash Box presents Tha Bass Test Vol. 1 (2009)

DESCRIPTION: So I put together these 20 songs and made a sort of mixtape out of them. These are songs that straight SLAP, so if your feelin to test out your new stereo system or just push your current system to the limits, burn this to a CD and pop it in. These are hand-picked by me and were tested by me to be some hard hitting tracks.
NOTE: Some songs may not bump on some systems, It all depends on how your setup is, some peoples systems cant catch lows or vice versa.

Track List:
1. Big Boi - "Intro"
2. DJ Billy E - "Beats 4 My Van"
3. Kottonmouth Kings - "Wheres The Weed At"
4. Rich Boy - "Drop"
5. Kingspade - "This That Beat"
6. Eminem - "Go To Sleep"
7. The Dirtball - "Mushroom Cloud"
8. Dead Prez - "Hip-Hop"
9. Cypress Hill - "Roll It Up, Light It Up, Smoke It Up"
10. The Pack - "Oh Go"
11. Tech N9ne - "Trauma"
12. BG Bulletwound - "Go Hard"
13. Kutt Calhoun - "J's On My Feet"
14. La Coka Nostra - "Fuck Tony Montana"
15. Tech N9ne - "T9X"
16. Young Jeezy - "Air Forces"
17. 50 Cent - "Straight To The Bank"
18. DGAF - "We Came Here"
19. E-40 - "Tell Me When To Go"
20. Kingspade - "We Ridin"


If you know some songs that straight HIT and should be on Vol. 2, then please email them to me at with a download link to the song.


Chris said...

This Cd Is The shit! Bumped this shit all day yesterday and damn, i dont think i've ever heard a better mix

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