Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shakey Bonez - Dog Treats

Kingspade Presents D-Loc's Shakey Bonez: Dog Treats (2009)

1. Give me another beer
2. Back in the garage again
3. In and out
4. South park
5. I like scratching my balls
6. Positive messages
7. How talanted you are
8. "George Speaks"
9. Accapella
10. U.S.A.
11. It's working
12. Myth
13. Me and Her
14. Loco and Costa



Heads Inda Clouds said...

Shaky Bonez takes me back to why i fell in love with sub noize's music. when the first shaky bonez dropped it took me forever to find it. couldnt order thru the net, nobody bootlegged like this back in the day. im glad to see them drop another. the first one was great to just play thru and let your stony mind take you places.

Garin Merrifield said...

MEGAUPLOAD IS SHUT DOWN...redo this, please

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