Monday, March 23, 2009

E2J - Voices In My Head

E2J - Voices In My Head (2008)

01 Voices In My Head Intro
02 Back to the Basics
03 Broken Words ft. Lara B
04 So Skilled ft. Skrollz
05 Be Remembered
06 Good Mornin ft. Lara B, Pizzaboiii, Genocide
07 Mixed Emotions ft. Kaz
08 Fightin MySelf
09 Voices In My Head
10 Mr Nameless
11 Gettin Down ft. Baby C
12 Voicemail (Skit)
13 Smoke Weed or Fuck You ft. Young Token
14 Let Em Hate ft. Sinima, Skrollz, Young Token
15 Daily Struggle ft. Lara B
16 Make Em Hot ft. Lara B, Baby C
17 F1RST DOWN 6IX ft. BlyndSyde
18 Where The Po Po At ft. D-Tayn, Pizzaboiii

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