Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bailz - Government Cheese Vol. 4

Bailz - Government Cheese Vol. 4 (2008)

1. Let The Shots Go
2. Certifide Block Niggas ft. Bone$$$
3. If I Die Today
4. Self Made
5. Why Cry ft. Yea



§ykO Ë said...

For real, don't sleep on Bailz.. I don't know too many people that are listening to and downloading this shit but its tight as fuck and so far I'm one of 3 people scrobbling this guy on .. It was cool to see this on your blog. I've been trying to collect these monthly mixtapes, but due to unforeseen circumstances I missed out on last month's. Is there any chance you could upload Government Cheese Vol. 3 or get me a link? Get back to me. please.

Daniel Price said...

I can send you Vol. 3 if you can send me Vol. 1. That's the only one I need. If you have the album art too, I need that.

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