Sunday, February 8, 2009

Potluck - Pipe Dreams

Potluck - Pipe Dreams (2009)

1. Welcome 2 The Movement
2. Stoner Bitch [ft. Kottonmouth Kings]
3. No Disrespect [ft. Ishi Dube]
4. I Can Do Anything
5. Real Love [ft. James Boy]
6. Meet Joe Brown (Skit)
7. Shut The Fuck Up
8. Hotbox Anthem [ft. Absolute and Garth Vader]
9. I Gotta Problem
10. Funny Shit
11. The Struggle [ft. Tristate and Cool Nutz]
12. She Don't Wanna Fuck With Me [ft. Krizz Kaliko]
13. Classroom (Skit)
14. I Say Yes To Drugs [ft. DJ Chill]
15. Computer Love
16. Be Easy [ft. Krizz Kaliko]
17. Smoke The Pain Away [ft. Twiztid]
18. News Broadcast (Skit)
19. There's No Limit
20. My Dad
21. 2 Minute Drill


Thanks to KirbyTheAlmighty for the link


TwiztidAzAMotherFcker said...

Thanks dude lets all blaze all day! Then spend our tax rebates on chronik, which will eventually go into the hands of f@cking WalMart or something. Thanks for the quick upload whoever you are dude. Will buy when...... uhhmmm.... never... but i do like the band but that 15 dollas can b spent on better things man. Just chec them out live thats my contribution to all my favorite groups/bands.... peace

MCMUFFIN said...

potluck is the shit. and underrated is soo sexy! I could be his stoner bitch

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