Wednesday, January 7, 2009

DJ Skee Presents: Expen$ive Taste

DJ Skee Presents: Expen$ive Taste (2007)

1. "Famous Anthem" (feat. B-Real, Too Short, Damu, and Eddie Rap Life)
2. "Can't Fuck With It"
3. "Trunk Full Of Boom"
4. "I'm The Shit"
5. "Them Are G's On That Bitch"
6. Smokin' Kush Blunts (Warfare: Skinhead Rob and Damu)
7. "Everyday" (feat. Slim Thug)
8. "We Some Go Getters" (feat. Lil' Spank Booty and Damu)
9. "Powder And The Dank" (feat. Milano)
10. "You Know Me" (feat. Bun B)
11. "Gun Play" (feat. Damu)
12. "Back Down Memory Lane" (Boo Yaa Tribe)
13. "Motherfuckin' Fool"
14. "They Don't Want It" (Warfare: Skinhead Rob and Damu)
15. "Famous Anthem" (remix) (feat. Cashis, Hayes, Lil' Spank Booty, Mitchy Slick, Krondon, Chase Infinite)



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