Monday, June 9, 2008

Necro - Death Rap

Necro - Death Rap (2007)

1. Creepy Crawl
2. No Remorse
3. Some Get Back (revenge)
4. Belligerent Gangsters Feat. Harley Flanagan
5. Suffocated To Death By God's Shadow Feat. Brian Fair Of Shadows Fall, Mark Morton Of Lamb Of God
6. Mutilate The Beat
7. Keep On Driving
8. Technician Of Execution
9. Keeping It Real Feat. Adam Jackson Of Twelve Tribes
10. Exploitation
11. As Deadly As Can Be Feat. Ill Bill
12. Evil Rules Feat. Scott Ian Of Anthrax, Dave Ellefson & Ray Adler Of Fates Warning
13. Forensic Pathology
14. Portrait Of A Death Rapper



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